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First call for Abstracts

8th International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment

This is the first call for abstracts and you may submit your abstract here - please click the below link:


Abstracts must be limited to 400 words or less. The abstract should be organized in: Aims, methods, results and conclusion.

Since we intend to print a book of abstracts, abstracts longer than 400 words will not be accepted.

Topics at the conference 

Topics at the conference will be:

- rehabilitation
- organisational interventions
- policy
- role of helpers / professionals
Health effects
- physical and psychological
- sleep
Risk factors
- organisational
- individual
- societal
The phenomenon of bullying
- social processes
- bystanders / witnesses
- perpetrators
- whistleblowing
Costs of bullying: Organizational and societal
- sickness absence
- economical
Bullying and the law
Identifying and measuring bullying

Coping with bullying