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Posters and oral presentation


Maximum size of the posters must be:

Centimeters: Inches:
Width: maximum 84 centimeters maximum 33 inches
Lenght: maximum 118 centimeters maximum 46 inches


If you are presenting a poster, you can set up your poster in the morning on the day you are presenting it. You will have to remove it in the afternoon the same day. During the poster session you have to be near your poster. You can find instructions regarding guidelines to the poster’s layout from a link on our website.

Oral presentation:

If you are speaking at the conference and you want to use a power point presentation (or similar), you have to bring this on a USB-stick (USB-flash drive). Hereafter we will help you check out, if everything is as it should be. For this we will set up a computer in the Christian Hansen Auditorium, where we urge you to bring your USB-stick, in one of the coffee breaks.

Please note that you have to make your presentation in a format that is mircosoft office compatible.

We will also have a help desk at the conference - here you can check if your presentation can be used by our computers.

Please arrive at your designated room 10 minutes before the start of your session. You can check where your designated room is in our programme. Representatives from the conference committee will also be present to show you around, and you will get a map over the campus area in the conference bag, that you receive at the registration.

There will be PC and projector for power point presentations in every conference room.