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Workshop for PhD students

This year's Doctoral Workshop will take place the day before the main IAWBH conference at the University of Copenhagen.

A finalised programme will be posted on the IAWBH website in January. Like the previous workshop in Cardiff 2010, the workshop will be divided into two parts, with seminars in the morning and ‘surgeries' facilitated by experienced PhD supervisors within the bullying field in the afternoon. The surgeries, which will be organised around topics or subject areas, will provide students with the opportunity to discuss issues relevant to progression of their study. The morning will start with a seminar with Professor Stale Einarsen on conceptual issues in bullying research, followed by two parallel seminars on methods: one on quantitative methods with Dr Guy Notelaers and a seminar on qualitative methods with Professor Ernesto Norhona and Dr Sue Harrington. The workshop is only open to registered PhD students and is free of charge. Registration for the workshop will take place in connection with registration for the IAWBH conference.

Any queries about the workshop can be sent to Dr Helge Hoel (

Link to the IAWBH website: 

Preconference meetings Special Interest Groups

Copenhagen: Tuesday 12th of June 2012

On the day before the IAWBH conference we have meetings for different Special Interest Groups:

  • ‘Organizational Practitioners',
  • ‘Therapeutic Practitioners',
  • ‘Dynamics of formal knowledge', power and professions',
  • ‘Bystanders' and ‘Organizational Influences',
  • ‘Trade Unions',
  • ‘Risk Management' and
  • ‘Legal Issues'.

These Special Interest Groups will meet to discuss relevant developments in their field. On the website of IAWBH you will find information about the plans they have with their meeting. Please contact the (co-)convenors if you have topics you would like to discuss with your international colleagues.

Check this website for further information:

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Gary Namie and Adrienne Hubert

Board members, responsible for the SIGs;